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About The Procurement Unit



The Specialised Procurement Unit (SPU) of Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) is currently manned by five members, with the Senior Procurement Manager as the head. He is assisted by the Ag. Procurement Manager who directly supervises the three Procurement Assistants.

Reporting Structure 

The SPU reports to the Managing Director of SSHFC. None-the-less, the Unit closely works with the Contracts Committee and User Departments in the fulfilment of its mission of efficient, effective and transparent service delivery to these departments within the Corporation.

Key Responsibilities

The SPU is responsible for undertaking and coordinating all detailed procurement activities, which include:

  1. Receiving procurement requests from the Departments, checking that the proposed procurement is within the approved procurement plan, and that budgeted funds are available prior to commencement of procurement proceedings.

  2. Submitting procurement requests by Departments to the Managing Director for review and approval.

  3. Preparing, maintaining and updating the SSHFC Annual Supplier List and liaising with the Gambia Public Procurement Authority (GPPA) in respect of the Authority’s register of suppliers.

  4. Determining and implementing the appropriate method in any given procurement proceeding.

  5. Preparing, publishing and distributing procurement and disposal opportunities including invitations to tender, pre-qualification documents and invitations for expressions of interest.

  6. Co-ordinating the receiving and opening of bid documents.

  7. Maintaining and safeguarding procurement and disposal documents and records.

  8. Co-ordinating the evaluation of bids, quotations and proposals.

  9. Preparing and publishing notices of procurement contract awards and notices of bid acceptance.

  10. Preparing contract documents, in line with the award decisions during procurement proceedings.

  11. Preparing, and issuing rejection and debriefing letters to bidders who participate in the procurement process of the institution.

  12. Preparing contract variations and modifications to procurement contract documents during the procurement contract management phase of the institution.

  13. Maintaining and archiving documents and records of the procurement and disposal activities of the institution.

  14. Providing information for any petition or investigation to debar a bidder or contractor or any investigation under the review procedure of the Complaints Review Board relating to the procurement proceedings of the institution.

  15. Implementing the decisions of GPPA and the Contracts Committees in the institution’s procurement proceedings.

  16. Preparing and submitting procurement monthly and yearly reports to GPPA.

  17. Monitoring procurement contract management by the Departments of SSHFC to ensure implementation in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

  18. Reporting any significant departures from the terms and conditions of procurement contracts of SSHFC to the Managing Director.

  19. Recommending the consolidation of any aspect of the institution’s procurement or disposal function with another procuring organization to the Managing Director whenever the need arises.

  20. Preparing the Annual Procurement and Disposal plans on behalf of the Contracts Committee of SSHFC.

  21. Advising the Managing Director on the aggregation of procurement of the institution to promote economies of scale.

  22. Carrying out yearly and periodic market surveys to inform the placing of orders by the institution.

  23. Participating in procurement contract negotiations on behalf of the institution where expressly permitted in the GPPA Act or Regulations.

  24. Providing representation to the sub-committees such as the Evaluation Committee, the Contract Administration Committee, the Examination and Receipt Committee and the Asset Disposal Committee.

  25. Preparing and analysing the monthly procurement spending pattern for informed decision-making by the Managing Director.

  26. Any other duty as may be assigned by the Managing Director.