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How can I become a member of the National Provident Fund (NPF) or Federated Pension Scheme (FPS)?
You must be working in an established registered institution under any of the schemes to become a member through registration with the Scheme. You can also be a member of the NPF on voluntary basis through registration.
Why do you always ask employees to attach a passport photo on the registration forms and again subject them to take a photo before issuing Membership Cards?
Our current system cannot capture submitted physical photos as a soft copy to be able to link or upload it on the card. The attached photo on the registration forms are used for identification purpose and the one to be taken by the office for membership cards production.
Why are you not accepting TIN certificate, voters card etc… during the registration process?
These documents are not considered to be documentary evidence of birth in the Gambia, however we can be flexible in accepting your driver’s license because it has your date of birth and your identity photo.
Can I replace my lost membership card?
If you have lost your membership card you will have to report it to SSHFC. You will be required to provide a sworn affidavit for the loss, upon which a duplicate copy will be produced, following payment of a nominal fee to be determined.

Federated Pension Scheme (FSC)

How do I qualify for benefits?

You need to:

  1. Have at least 5 years' service.
  2. Be at least 45 years of age (Retirement before 45 years of age is deferred up to age 45).
When can I qualify for pension?

After ten (10) years of service or more.

What do I get if I worked for less than 10 years?

You will get a lumpsum or one-off payment.

Under what instances can my benefit be forfeited?

In the following instance you will forfeit your benefits:

  1. If you are dismissed from service or your service is terminated on account of negligence, irregularity or misconduct.
  2. If you resign from the job.
  3. If you leave your job on the grounds other than ill-health, disability or death and have completed less than 5 years' service.
  4. If your liabilities (i.e. the amount you owed to SSHFC) are more than your entitlement.

National Provident Fund (NPF)

When do I qualify for a benefit payment?

To qualify for a benefit payment you have to be out of employment. If you are less than 60 years old, you must have at least 60 months contributions or 5 years' service.

What type of benefits can I claim for?

Optional Withdrawal Benefit, Withdrawal Benefit, Normal Retirement, Ill-Health Benefit, Survivor Benefit.

What percentages will I be entitled to if I retire before I reach 60 years?

Should you choose to leave before the official retirement age of 60 years, you will be entitled to the following:

    1. Those between the age of 25 – 31 will receive 25% of account as payout
    2. Those between the age of 32 – 38 years will receive 32% of account as payout
    3. Those between the age of 39 – 44 years will receive 37% of account as payout
    4. Those between the age of 45 – 54 years will receive 50% of account as payout
    5. Those between the age of 55 – 59 years will receive 60% of account as payout
    1. age of 45 – 54 years will receive 70% of account as payout
    2. Those between the age of 55 – 59 years will receive 85% of account as payout
When do I qualify to withdraw all my benefits (i.e.100%)?

When you reach sixty (60 years of age.

How can I claim for my benefits?

You need to:

  1. Have a letter from your last employer (e.g termination letter etc).
  2. Obtain a claim form from our office or download it and complete it.
  3. Submit a passport size photo and a copy of national id card
  4. Submit an affidavit of unemployment (for optional withdrawal and withdrawal benefit)
  5. An authentic medical report from a recognized hospital (for ill health/disability benefit).
How long will it take before I get paid?

The length of time is dependent on the type of benefit and you age at the time of the claim as follows:

  1. Optional withdrawal benefit (3 months from date of submission).
  2. Withdrawal benefit for someone aged between 45 and 54 years (6 months from date of submission).
  3. Withdrawal benefits for someone aged between 55 and 59 years (3 months from date of submission).

Industrial Injuries Compensation Fund (IICF)

What sort of personal injury can I claim injury compensation for?

In most instances you can make a claim for any non-fault injury that you have sustained that is work related during your employment. This could be a trip, slip, or fall or other type of accident at work.

As an apprentice or trainee can I claim for injury compensation?

Yes, you can claim because you are covered so long as your injury is work related and during the course of your work, whether registered or contributed for.

Can I claim for a compensation as a result of injury whilst commuting to work?

Yes, you can but the route taken must be the most direct one and time of the accident must be within two hours to and from work for you to qualify.

Can I claim for compensation for a disease contracted whilst working at my employer’s farm?

Yes, if it can be determined that it is due to the nature of your work and contracted within 12 months before the date of disablement.

Can I sue for damages in the courts for injury and still claim for compensation.

Yes, you can but 50% of the awarded damages must be paid to the Fund before compensation can be processed, but if you prefer to collect the whole sum awarded from the courts then you can’t qualify for compensation, in other words you can’t benefit twice.

What happens if I die in my work place, will there be any benefits paid out to my family and if any how much?

When you die as a result of an accident during and within the course of your work your family will be compensated a D100,000 up to a maximum of D180,000 depending on the level of your income at the time.

Who determines the degree of disability?

When an accident is reported to the Commissioner of Labour by an employer an investigation is conducted to determine the legitimacy of the claim. This is followed by an assessment by the medical board comprising of at least 3 doctors to determine the degree/percentage of disability.

How are people whose disability is below 20% paid.

Accident victims whose disability is below 20% will receive a single lump sum or one-off payment.

Under what conditions does a person become eligible to a pension under the IICF?

The IICF will pay a monthly pension to an individual whose disability is assessed to be greater than 20% irrespective of their age. This is separate from any entitlement he/she may have under the Federated Pension Scheme or National Provident Fund.

Housing Finance Fund (HFF)

What are the qualification requirements for Plot/ House allocation?

To qualify for a plot, prospective applicants must:

  1. Provide proof of Gambian Nationality.
  2. Not be in ownership of any other property in the greater Banjul area prior to applying
  3. Be able to provide documentary proof of ability to pay the initial deposit and monthly repayments thereafter

N.B. Outright purchasers house/ serviced plot are not affected by the aforementioned conditions, however non-Gambian nationals are allowed to purchase complete housing units only with an additional levy of 20% on the price.

When do an allottee/ purchaser access the title to the property?

After the full payment for the property is certified, the property will be assigned to the allottee/ Buyer by way of sub-lease, upon payment of legal fees which comprises mainly government tax liabilities.