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Our Preparedness

Our Preparedness

The COVID-19 (‘coronavirus’) situation is understandably creating a lot of uncertainty. We have created this page to reassure customers that our operations are adapted to ensure that we continue to deliver critical services with minimal interruptions. Below are some of the measures we have put in place:

Payments of Pensions and Benefits

The Corporation will ensure that payments of benefits continue without delay. We will remain compliant with the advice given by the WHO and Ministry of Health on preventative measures against COVID-19 as we deliver crucial services. 

For example, as a preventative measure and observant of social distancing, chairs and tarpaulin were setup on open grounds within our premises where payments of pensions were done.  We also increased staff numbers to offer support to our customers and expedited the service delivery process.  

Title Deeds Processing

Due to the temporary halting of services by our legal retainers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Corporation has put the issuance of title deeds on hold. We assure our customers that as soon as these legal personnel resume operations, their deeds would be processed and handover accordingly. 

Inspection Visits

To observe social distancing and given the fact that many businesses have limited their services, the Corporation has suspended all inspections to client premises as the status quo is being assessed. Employers are therefore urged to contact our offices for any assistance and guidance that may be required.

Working from Home

In observance of social distancing amongst staff, we have endeavoured to reduce service interruption by ensuring that some of our staff work from their homes via our IT platform in collaboration with other members of their team. This is to ensure that services are delivered to our customers with minimal interruptions.  

Basic Hygiene Observance

We ensure that sanitary facilities like wash hand basins, treated water, and sanitizers are located at designated points and visible upon accessing our premises to be used by customers and staff alike.  Posters and other communication channels are utilized to ensure that individuals are aware or reminded of the usage of these facilities.

Advances to Pensioners

The Corporation has also taken the initiative to offer advances to pensioners which are equivalent to three months of their pensions and payable within twelve months to help them acquire essentials during this period. As these payment volumes were more than our normal transactions (given the payments of their pensions as well) it is reassuring that normal benefit payments would proceed without delay.